1- How do you Accept Payment?

We accept amost all forms of payments Paypal, MoneyBooker, Visa, Master, American Express, US banks and more.

2- How do I proceed with my order?  

Select your product by visiting product page and then send your query via Contact Us form. Make sure to include the product name and quantity exactly shown on our website to assist you in proper way. Once we receive your query we will revert you back with a link to proceed with your order.

3- How long it will take to receive my product after placing order?

We will deliver your product as quickly as possible (not more than 24 hours) once we receive your order. However in some cases there could be a delay, please allow up to 48 hours of product delivery.

4- Can you provide accounts in bulk like 100K or 1 million?

Yes we can provide you accounts in bulk. We can provide you 1 million accounts within 72 hours.

5- Are these accounts made on unique IP's?

Yes each and every account is made with fresh and unique USA based IP's. Incase if you need specific IP ranges to make accounts please write us and we will be happy to assist you.

6- What is the difference in PVA accounts and NON - PVA accounts?

Simple PVA stands for phone verified accounts which means if you order PVA accounts you will get all your accounts verified with REAL phone numbers. Nowadays most of the email and social media sites need users to authenticate their accounts with phone numbers. Phone numbers adds extra security to your account so that you can make sure your accounts will stick long. Whereas NON - PVA accounts are NOT verified with phone numbers.

7- Do you have any aged accounts in stock?

Yes we always have aged accounts in stock. For example we have 1-2 year aged Gmail accounts in stock.

If you have any other questions, please Contact Us

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